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Recognizing the need to always keep learning and that we live in an international economy, in the Spring of 2012, CSAVR began discussions with our European counterparts regarding the development of global learning communities.  It has led to the establishment of a working relationship with the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR), headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.  The focus of this effort is for our two organizations to collaborate by sharing our knowledge and experience to assist our respective members to learn from each other in order to better serve business and persons with disabilities.

In keeping with the above mentioned focus, the governing bodies of CSAVR and EPR have agreed to four areas of collaboration over the next two-year period.

 Knowledge Exchange

  •  Liaison between the leadership of CSAVR and EPR that will disseminate relevant information and documents within their respective networks.
  • Create on-line access to resource libraries, resulting in mutual access for membership to protected parts of the websites.

On-line Communities of Practice

  • Link the standing committees of CSAVR to the EPR thematic expert groups.
  • On-line exchange of knowledge and expertise.
  • Joint participation in professional development exercises.


  • Identify two topics of mutual interest that results in joint professional development activities for CSAVR and EPR members.
  • Exchange experts as trainers (via distance learning or face to face).

Study Visits

  •  Develop strategic learning opportunities for directors of member organizations to visit projects and programs.
  • Identify developmental learning opportunities for emerging and senior leadership.

What’s Next?

The leadership of CSAVR and EPR has agreed to two specific professional development topics for our memberships for 2013-14.

  1. Person-centered transition planning;
  2. Cooperation with business.

It is the vision of the leadership of CSAVR and EPR that this will result in the expansion of our understanding of vocational rehabilitation practice, and an increase in the employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and continuous expansion and improvement in our services to business worldwide.


EPR Presentation Fall 2012

The European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) is a network of leading European providers of rehabilitation services to people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups. EPR’s member organisations are influential in their countries and stand for high quality service delivery in the fields of vocational education and training, reintegration, medical rehabilitation and social care. The thousands of professionals active in the EPR membership throughout Europe represent a wide range of expertise in the sector.

EPR assists its member organisations to achieve continuous professional improvement, best practice and competitiveness in every aspect of service delivery. Through its Public Affairs activities, EPR enables service providers to contribute to the formulation of European social policy, and facilitates access to EU funding.

Recognised as an important player on the European scene, the network receives structural funding under EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme. EPR has a seat on EU’s High Level Group on Disability and has participatory status with the Council of Europe. EPR cooperates actively with all key sectoral stakeholders

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